Its okay to feel Lost – Read it again

Sailing doesn’t end when the vision is lost and the boat doesn’t sink because of the water it floats.

Sometimes people feel unmotivated or lost with no energy to continue, no encouragement and no improvement in their process. All they feel is, SOMETHING is indifferent.

THAT’S OKAY 🙂 Lets figure what’s that SOMETHING.

When you sit in-front of TV or scroll through your phone or having a conversation, you don’t feel interest towards it, you always feel tired? Here you go, you already have an answer.

Your soul is actually telling you to get a life.

Sit down with a notepad and pen. List the things that you are thinking of doing for long time but you haven’t.

It maybe as simple as eating an ice-cream with nuts topping or getting golden fish as your new pet or watching a movie. Or say few extraordinary things like getting that dress you saw while window shopping, going for bike trip to Leh. ANYTHING.

Just start it, atleast.

Say bike trip, take any empty box, label it as “WAY TO LEH”, and start saving. Go have that ice-cream as soon as possible. Will this create Difference? Trust me, IT WILL!

When you actually care for your inner voices, you get the potential and inner strength from your soul to what you have in mind.

Life isn’t easy, but it isn’t difficult as well. Remember you cried for something five years ago as if you lost your life, darling you are still alive and you didn’t need it anyway.

Keep going and trust the process. Feed your soul, love yourself and rest will fall in place.

Loads of love,


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