Natural, Organic, Skin Care


Hello Fam,


After a very long time, here I’m with yet another version of my blogs for you.

In the world where Pollution has become ordinary, same with the products we use. Every product has chemicals in it. Few claim them to be the so called “natural, chemical free or herbal” while it is actually not.

But now, I actually found a product which is 100% Organic. Yes, ORGANIC!

Organic products are made from ingredients which are organically grown and are certified.

Juicy Chemistry was started by the tedious efforts of Pritesh & Megha Asher in 2014, Coimbatore, to give consumers the REAL ORGANIC PRODUCTS.

The ambience of the store was such a delight to eyes and the Aroma of the place was so GOOD. The store location is mentioned in their website. I’ll attach the link of the website below.

Staff, they understand your skin issues and assist you to purchase their products accordingly. Also they were so kind and humble enough to hear all my stories about my skin issues😁

After hearing half an hour of story, they suggested me a soap and a Night cream with few options for me to choose between products based on Budget.

Skin after the use of soap is quite good, non-irritating and I’m already in love with the Cream. Scoop a spoonful of cream, rub it in your palm and that would be enough to apply to whole face and neck.

The warmth of the palm will turn the consistency of the cream to oil kind of, but there is NO greasy effect on your skin. (Surprisingly🤩)

Packaging was just Awesome. Efforts are made in designing the package to make it spill proof and most importantly BIO-DEGRADABLE.

Wooden Spoon is a compliment.🤗

I’ll write about the post usage review in the upcoming weeks.

Until then

Love, Laugh and kindly do not forget to Live Every Moment.


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