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Aesthetic Outfits for office – Description

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all are safe and healthy out there.

Thank you from bottom of my heart for the overwhelming response for my very first vlog. If you haven’t watched it yet, click here

As I couldn’t add so much of links for the details of all outfits in Instagram, I though i’ll write up a blog and post it for you guys. Lets get started.

And I’m not a online buyer, mostly I prefer reaching out to stores. So for many outfits I couldn’t get links, but still I’ve attached similar ones.


1st Outfit – PINK BLAZER

Blazer I got it from unlimited (walk-in showroom)
Bottom from Westside
Shoes I purchased at Metro but attaching a similar link here
Bag from metro
attaching a similar link

2nd Outfit – Ethnic Wear

Top W – brand
Bottom W – brand
Heel from metro
Bag, bought it from Malaysia. I couldn’t find any similar links,but of sure will attach if found any
Bright lipstick with hair updo

3rd Outfit – White shirt

Shirt Park avenue
Lipstick Nykaa MATTEilicious – Jade rose
with simple ponytail
Bag from metro but attaching a similar link

4th Outfit – Jumpsuit

My most favorite outfit is this one you guys. I just cant put it in words how much i love this one.
A simple light weight makeup with nude lips and simple hair-bun. This lovely lovely lovely jumpsuit from
Heels from metro, but attaching a similar one

5th Outfit – Cozy Palazzo

Palazzo I bought it from zudio but linking down a similar kind of one
Top I got it from Westside, couldn’t find any similar links
Heel from zudio

That’s it for now lovelies. Any queries kindly dm me at Insta.

Stay Home,Stay Safe

Until then




During the month of July 2019, I visited University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia. I went there to pursue Business Analytics course as part of our MBA curriculum. The course was for 10 days and we had chance to explore more about Malaysian Culture, food and places. On 3rd day of our course, we got a chance to experience the most interesting part of our program Business Game, Monsoon Sim. In this game, we were separated into teams and given a Business for stimulated time period, investment and expected Return on Investment, Profit and few other parameters.

As we experience and understand the game, we were given more complex targets to achieve and more departments to deal with say like Inventory, Marketing, Production, Ecommerce, Services, Retail, Warehouse, HR, Maintenance, Finance and Forecast.

The Final game included all the categories such as Cash On Hand, Sales Retail, Net Profit, Sales Services, Profit Margin and Sales E-commerce. This game gave me a clear understanding on how to handle various departments of business and how to integrate them and also got broader scope of how each of these affect each other. Learnt how the real business will be operated and how data can be used for future forecasting.